Merging of KSVR and western region. DN800 heat pipeline.

Client: AS Tallinna Küte / Year of completion: 2012

The aim of building the heat pipeline was to merge the heating network of KSVR and the Western region into a common system. The length of the pre-insulated DN800 pipeline was over 3000 m, of which AS Küte ja Ehitus built over 1500 m.


The corridor of the heat pipeline crossed such big streets as Tehnika, Nõmme and Mustamäe and Sõpruse Avenue.


Building the trenches for the heat pipelines was a serious challenge to the builders, as they ran through a complex geological area. Thus the builders encountered quicksand and an unstable, excessively moist clay area, given to which different draining methods (needle filters) had to be used and over 1500 meters of sheet-pile walls had to be built.

The heat pipeline ran thought two railway embankments, in which 1200 mm steel sleeves and cathode protection were installed.

Through the work a number of gas, power and water pipelines were renovated and re-located.